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Introducing Fergal Kearney Photography & Design

About Me

Simply put, I exist to help each of us remember what is important. I capture moments and experiences that inspire all of us in life. I offer a range of products and services, all centred around my mission of helping you to remember what’s important in your life and delivering life-affirming visual experiences.

A Look at What I Do

Founding Story

At Christmas 1978 I received a small yellow box with the distinctive Kodak logo. Inside was a rather cheap and cheerful little Kodak Ektralite compact camera. But it was the beginning of a photographic journey that I remain on to this day.  Despite life’s distractions – the pursuit of a career, climbing the social ladder, spending money – nothing had ever brought the same satisfaction as photography.  

Then fate dealt me a new hand when in September 2012 a health scare prompted me to reconsider my priorities and rethink my life and career.  In June 2013 I ditched the day job and I now invest all of my energy and time into my photography and design business.

I began with the intention of creating a fresh way of imagining your world; no stuffy studios or expensive lighting; no high rent or rates; just brilliant imagery at fantastic prices!

The words of Ansel Adams always struck a cord, “

To photograph truthfully and effectively is to see beneath the surfaces and record the qualities of nature and humanity which live or are latent in all things.

In the last few years, my pursuit of truth and personal insight in each and every photograph I take has been my driving force.

My Business Today

I offer a range of photography and design products – experiences might be a better word – that are designed to bring inspiration into my client’s lives. From iconic family photography to fully integrated design solutions for business, I hope to inspire people to reflect on and act on what matters most in their life.

As Fergal Kearney Photography & Design continues to grow, the values I established with my long-ago little Kodak remain a thread in each new endeavour – to make every image count, and every memory matter!


My News page carries regular updates on things happening in my world and in the world of photography.

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